Who’s Who & What It Do? : with Eatly *

World premiere! The first ever Ms. Notoriously Addictive interview, with no one other than the sweet girls from Eatly. I know it took me a while to post this, ever time I thought I had the time I ended caught up in something else. So now I finaly found the time to finish off this post and put it on display for all of you. Who’s Who & What It Do?, is the title for all of my upcoming interviews, and let’s the artists introduce themselves to you (if any introduction is neccasary). Without any futher due, I present to you the first ever Who’s Who & What It Do? with Eatly!

Read the interview after the jump..

Naftaly Rooi & Isabella Doelwijt and together we’re Eatly.

We’ve been Eatly for about a year now. But there has been about 3 years of planning before we came to this point. And Eatly is a combination of our names.

Did you consider more names than only Eatly?
Well, we used to be with 4 girls and we went by the name of Angel-e.
But we only talked a lot about what we wanted to do, but nothing really happened.
In the end the two of us were the only one’s who were really determined to go for it, and now here we are..

Sneakers!!! You have to walk on something and for us that’s sneakers.
We can just fall in love with them, sneakers make us high!

With Daisy, because we like the clothes she makes and it’s the same idea as ours.
And Bell & Rima from Studioshop of course! We also sell our clothes there.

Naftaly: I eat a lot of snoepveters so that is my choice!
Isabella: A soft and sour candy cane 😀

1. To open our own store with a gallery.
2. To have Eatly parties, to thank everyone who has helped us out.
3. That Eatly will become bigger! And that we can work freely on Eatly without any worries about school. And travel!! Defenitely to New York City, that would be the first place we would want to go to! And London, Paris..

Corinne Bailey Rae! She is just so amazing. If she would calls us up right now and ask us to make something for her, we’d do it in an instant.

Kelis. We gave her a yellow dress when she was here for her concert a few months ago.
We would love to style Pharrell Williams and Lupe Fiasco too.

Ehm… We would become a robot! That way we could make more.
In a way we’re already robots. At home we have bags full of clothes!
But a robot would definitely take some time off our hands.

That’s obvious, freaker sneakers! Later on maybe pumps or other heels, but not now.

Oldschool or futuristic?
A mix between oldschool and futuristic. We’re living in the now, not in the past. And we shouldn’t look back either, otherwise you won’t get anywhere. Some people are always looking in the past, they’re stuck in the moment. You shouldn’t do that.

You can already see it in our clothes. Dolls would be alive, everything would have more fantasy to it. But there are also bad guys, you see that in our clothes too. It would be a world of bad vs. good, just like now, only with more imagination.

FEELING! You have to feel what you are making, that’s what works the best. Eatly just goes with the flow. Naftaly: One day I was pretty mad and I decided to make something. It turned out to be a dress which is in our collection. It was this dress.
But this doesn’t seem like a dress you would make when you’re mad.
True, but I turned my negative feelings into something positive and this is the result.

It would be a poem that you see on our labels.
“My actual life isn’t on earth, but on this candy coated planet somewhere in space.”

EVERYTHING! Everything around us, life, simply everything haha!
Isabella: If you would put me in a white room by myself. I would sit around thinking what I could do to it. Furthermore just thinking, feeling and experiencing everything keeps us going.

Even if you don’t feel like making anything, you do it anyway because you are driven to.
We stay creative despite everything. You don’t want to be mad, but also bad things turn into good. Like we said before, you can’t be stuck in the moment.

We see us having accomplished everything we wanted to within 5 years. Hopefully everything and more.

Be yourself and don’t give up. It sounds silly but that’s how it is. Don’t be fake, be you.
Naftaly: It’s fake when you ask everything to others. I mean, how you have to make something, what they use etc. Explore it yourself, in the end you feel better about yourself when you did it on your own and in your own way.

* t-shirt is called: Mr. Lonely Cake

Eatly is for sale at:
Studioshop By Bell&Rima
Sint Nicholasstraat 38 hs
1012 NK Amsterdam
020 427 23 53

Barrio By Dirk&Sonja
Voetboogstraat 20
1012 XL Amsterdam
020 663 29 18

For more information about Eatly go to: www.myspace.com/eatly



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    Dope! Like the questions and its pretty cool u made them make a t-shirt in the end, creative.

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