Kanye West Concert in Amsterdam, Cancelled.


It goes without saying that Kanye had to cancel his show in Amsterdam, upcoming Monday the 19th of November. A replacement date has not been found.

In a statement his management lets us know “Kanye West has been forced to cancel his Glow In The Dark Tour performance in Amsterdam. He wants to thank his fans in Holland for their understanding at this time, and assures them that he will be back to perform for them at the first available opportunity.”

Tickets for the concert are not valid for any possible next concerts. The tickets can be returned until the 20th of December.


  1. Liena'lie

    it’s time for chocolate, booze, loud music and some very very cute boys!! because i’m in a serious dip here.. 😦
    you can understand my feelings, don’t you cynder ?!

    but what the hell life goes on !!:D
    always keep looking on the bright site of life 😉
    haha kisses and love from kanye’s #1 fan 😉

  2. Victoria

    Frick this sucks! i was so looking foward to the concert:(

  3. angela

    i had 10 ticket for the concert and today i am bring back because kanye is not coming that not good was my frost concert and he cancelled to well at list he is doin good that’s what metter maybe next year

  4. You’re bringing back the tickets from Novemeber in Amsterdam, or other ones?

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