Who’s Who & What It Do? : with Cubannie Links *


Whatsuppp everybody?!
Are you ready for the second Who’s Who & What It Do?
I’m proud to present to you the exxxtra sweet and stunning Ms. Annie, founder of Cubannie Links from New York New York! This girl is going places with her jewelry line, feautured in many magazines and also worn by Rihanna and Kat DeLuna. And this is just the beginning! Here’s your eye candy, read it now…

Hi Ms. Notoriously Addictive! My name is Annie Basulto (some people call me Cubannie for laughs). I started Cubannie Links, it’s a fierce online jewelry collection where I do all the designing, sales, shipping & PR. The main reason I started my own collection is because I needed something that was my own! I was working for a wack urban line in NYC, (not worth telling you who, not trying to give them any play) and it seemed like I wasn’t doing what I wanted to do! And it made me sick to think that for the rest of my life I had to be a “yes sir” to these fashion industry exec’s! Yeah riiiiiiiiiiight! So I wanted something that was mine, something I can pass down to my family, my own legacy, no someone elses’!

Cubannie Links was officially born in March 2007 but was cooking in my oven since Summer 2006. The name is a blend of “Cuba” my heritage, and “Annie”, my name, creating my fabulous alter ego! LOL! I waned to be a writer when I was in high school and always wanted my 1st book to be my memoirs. But it never turned out that way! So “Cubannie” came through anyway for my jewelry collection! I am using Cuba as a medium between me and my country since I was raised in Miami, all the Cuba I know is through my parents, and music! Cuba is one of the most beautiful places in the world!

Trendy, Fresh, Yummy!!!

Cubannie Links is a home grown thing, I mean you wouldn’t believe how humble my beginnings are…but the moment I realized Cubannie Links WAS going to become a success was the August 07 Vibe Vixen Shoot with Rihanna on the cover. It was definitely a big PLUS that Rihanna personally purchased mad jewels when I dropped by the shoot, but when I saw the cover on the news stands…OMG! Rihanna was laced up in nothing but Louis Vuitton jewelry…like over 20 g’s ($20,000) of jewels! And there was my little $25 turqouise rosary gun necklace rolling with the big boys! Doing its’ thing! It was a moment that made me realize that my collection can and will become successful!

I’d like to make a movie! LOL!!! I been working at this acting thing for a while and still working on it! I really want to learn how to work with metals to create my own designs! So that’s on the top of my list!

Ah man, I got a list for you! Alicia Keys, Kelis, Jessica Alba, Ciara, Rosario Dawson, Beyonce, M.I.A…and the list goes on!

1) To be exclusive at a huge dept store like Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys etc! 2) To have my very own 1960’s mustang! Aww man is that a wish! 3) Own homes in Cali & Miami, because winter in NYC is wack!

Edible 14k gold covered chocolate strawberries, yummy! A place where wearing no jewelry is against the law! So if you were arrested for breaking the law, you would be locked in a room full of Cubannie Links jewelry and given time to appreciate it! Then you would come out a new, fabulous woman! Not a bad punishment! Brain washed, but not a bad punishment! Everyone drove a vintage mustang and there was no pollution and vagabons!

Wow, well there would be a lot of Celia Cruz! She was the Michael Jackson or Madonna of Cuban music, a legend! Her lyrics have inspired me! M.I.A. records give me mad energy at home! And every Stevie Wonder Album! He was the shit in the 70’s!

1) De La Soul – Roller Skating Jam

2) Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band – Cherchez La Femme

My Mommy!

Rent, damn it’s high! But seriously, I get so much encouragement from my family and friends! I have a big family and if I didn’t have them I don’t know what kind of person I’d be! My family means the world to me! And of course, my love Coffey keeps me going!

I’m the most emotional person I know! I definitely follow my heart! I function on my 1st instinct not practicality.

To continue to grow!
To be in stores nationwide, being apart of videos, fims, more celebrities and more mags!

Ohhh I have quite a few! 1) My lip stuff! I’m like a crackhead with that, I re-apply my lip stuff like 50 times a day! 2) Being around my honey! I get crazy when he’s away from me for too long! 3) Bread pudding from Zampa in NYC, they have the best bread pudding on earth! I would literally consider gaining 300 pounds to be allowed to eat bread pudding every day! My man wont let me though! Boo-Hoo! And of course 3) Checking out what my peoples over at https://msnotoriouslyaddictive.wordpress.com/ is up to! Always coming with the new ishhhhhh!


Want to know more about Cubannie Links and get some jewels?
Go to:


  1. Carlos

    i know annie and she is doin her thing!! i love you and keep it comin!! you are gonna rock the fashion industry any time soon!!!!

  2. anonymous

    cubannie links is definetly something i would consider rocking. its not only fresh and different but its designed by a strong minded female who is well on her way.

  3. Coffey

    Babe, Keep doing your thing, I see you’re making progress, I love you!

  4. Jess

    Annie was my college roommate as well as my teammate. I always knew she’d go places.. she’s beautiful, intelligent, athletic, she’s got a great head on her shoulders and a wonderful support system. Her jewelry is beautiful, and I wish her all the very best! She’s one of the few who actually deserves it.

  5. i love it!!! i never leave home w/out wearing one of annie’s pieces… ain’t no ensemble complete w/out my cubannie links 🙂

  6. Paridee

    Cubannie Link’s HOT SHIT!!! Hola annie you’re the shit girl!

  7. Jerusha

    Annie’s jewels are hot! I styled a photo shoot with her jewelry and the ensembles looked complete with her jewels. Keep doin your thang girl..your shits ON FIRE!

  8. I just read in Ms. Annie’s interview. Annie said she wanted to see Alicia Keys wear her jewelry and she did last night on the American Music Awards!!! How exciting to see your favorite jewelry on your favorite artist. I’m getting me some those gold double loops earrings so I can at least try to look as HOT as Alicia Keys did last night!

  9. lisa

    annie… so proud, i remember the days when we were dealing the jewels in starbucks for my lil boutique… and now look at you… BIG TIME!!! don’t ever forget the small folk… love ya!:)

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