spazzzzzzzz if you want to!

N.E.R.D. – Spazz 

Spazzing out, that’s exactly what I’m doing ’cause of all this studying!!! Exams started on Monday. Three down, six to go. Luckily the worst subject in the world (mathematics) is over and done with, and now I’m left with one more exam for English, three exams for Biology and two for Dutch. Although we’re finally blessed by the sun and everyone is enjoying it, I’m stuck inside having a rendezvous with my books. I’ll think of it this way… When I’m done, the Dutch schools start their exams and I will be as free as a bird. For now, two more weeks of isolation, barely any blogging like this past week and left with more spazzing. For now I’m off to bed, reading Equus (a play about a teenage boy who has a sexual fascination for horses and in the end blinds 6 of them, just to sum it up). Lovely thought to fall asleep to right?


  1. Liena'lie

    you can do it girlllll!!
    when you’re done it’s serious ”POFFERTJES” time! can’t wait!! 😀
    hold tide it’s almost over and done! goodluck still!! love and kisses from Liena’lie

  2. Lol…Equus is a weird book, fun tho.
    Good Luck with the examinations!
    Peace, Love & Soul!

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