Esprit Libre, free spirit, that’s what Myriam’s mom calls me. And that’s definitely what I am, a free spirit with lots of freeeee time because since thursday I’m done with my exams! Unfortunately I have to wait until the 7th of July for my results… In the meantime I’ve gone through computer and social life rehab and tonight I’ll finally get to see what fun used to be like 😉 My fellow classmate, Gossip Girl fanatic (btw season finale was.. not what I expected it to be and finally GG is going to be on the Dutch tv screen starting june), but above all friend, Martyn, is throwing a bday bash avec pro chef and unlimited alcohol and all, so that’ll be a guaranteed good time. Also one of the greatest and funniest friends I’ve had for the past few years, Sebastian, has come to visit all of us from America. This means enough to catch up on and enough fun stuff to write about on the blog. I’m back! xoxo Ms. Notoriously Addictive 😉


  1. Hariwa

    Heey cyn!

    Welkom terug!!!

    Geniet lekker van je vakantie en we zien elkaar vast wel snel.

    p.s: wieee is in NL ? lemmie call maike 😀 hahahaha

  2. Thanks babe 😉
    But unfortunately he’s in Spain now.
    We did say we surely need to have a Lloret reunion! And we’re going to Cancun next year for Spring Break. Why don’t you and Maike join? 😉

  3. Liena'lie

    yeah!! she’s back! 😀
    i’ll see you this week cuz we neeeeeeeeed to have our ”rotonde” talk(only this time squared cuz we have a whole lot to chitchat about!!)!:P hahah
    love and kisses

  4. Yeahh She’s Back!
    IB is over at last..the days ahead could be very… Lookin forward to more blog posts Cyn!
    Cherrio! Julez

  5. chanel

    finally, after studying hard!;)
    now it’s time to enjoy/party! haha
    lovee xx

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