Who’s Who & What It Do? : with Sharon Vos

It was about time for a new Who’s Who & What It Do! This time I interviewed Sharon Vos. A girl I spotted in one of the Ellegirl Magazine issues, who has a strong passion for photography. I asked her a few questions about her photography, her interests and of course what she finds notoriously addictive! Click below for the fourth Who’s Who & What It Do and read what she had to say…

Sharon Vos a starting photographer. See my site www.sharonvos.com and see more of me.

Simple. Dreamy. Not complicated.







I always took pictures, but in 2005 I really wanted to know more about photography. I wanted more than just a photo.



Hmm, that was a Nikon. I don’t know the exact model. It was a gift from my parents on my birthday when I was 13 or 14.  

A SLRcamera and Polaroid/old camera’s. I photograph with the Canon 400D (Rebel XTi). I got the camera in the May vacation. I’m still discovering the camera but I really really love my canon SLR! And a Polaroid camera is cool, I have a really old one from my grandfather, the Polaroid doesn’t work anymore but I really love the camera. And I like other old camera’s, I have 4 old camera’s which stand on a closet of mine!


Since last month I have my own site and I promote myself and my photos. I already did one shoot with my best friend and her brothers for a photo book for their grandmother. Since I promote my photography, I have had a few people come up to me that said they are interested in a photo shoot. Even two real models who also do catwalk shows, so I am really pleased. But I’m going to do real shoots when I know a little more about photography and my new SLR. Now I just don’t know enough.   

The picture where my best friend is laying on a bed with tulle and lace. I like that one a lot.         


A land where everything is possible, where you can buy everything. If I was in my wonderland I had a beautiful SLR with all the fitting objects and a big studio where everything is possible. I had old camera’s that do work. In my wonderland I’d live in a big American house or an old castle with a overgrown garden. The house is standing next to a beautiful lake or sea. Where everybody is nice to each other. That would be mine wonderland. 

That’s a hard question. My family and friends of course. Without them I am nothing.        


My family and friends, our dog Puck and my imagination/fantasy.  

1. Photography.
2. Computer with internet.
3. A beautiful summer evening.
4. My room.
5. And being creative, I really can’t live without that!

I graduated from school. I hope I have regular requests for shoots. And I like to work for a magazine like Ariadne AT Home, www.ariadneathome.nl. I do shoots with models, and family shoots, children, weddings, animals, I also like to photograph interior and fashion. I’d like to do everything. And together with my mother, I want to open a furniture and accessories shop with old things, self made things and everything we like. So I hope that over 5 years I have my own photography ‘business’ and a shop with my mother.    

I’m addicted to finding inspiration, I always look for inspiration. I am also a little addicted to internet, you can easily leave me alone for a week with a computer and internet.

Want to know more about Sharon?
Visit her site: www.sharonvos.com
And her blog: www.thesecretistodream.blogspot.com 


  1. OKAY!


    ( when is it my turn CA?, whauaha. )

  2. Liena'lie

    BAGGER!! haha no i’m just kiddin’
    i’m loving it!! pretty pics and good questions cynnie 😀 I had fun this evening chicka! we needed it. 😛 my mouth is still dry from all the talking! haha see ya very, very soon! love and kisses and not to forget I bring ya PEACE! 😛

  3. Deejay

    Welllll done hone!
    Go & brush ya shoulders off haha :P.
    Love your pics Sharon!
    Keep up the good work.

    love x Dee

  4. Mymy

    Cyn, nice interview that u did girl.
    & I like her pictures!

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