Once again Lanie hit me up with the latest Hellz Bellz news. This time about her Summer 08 “Heat Wave” collection and hot it is indeed!! The sweat drops are already showing on my forehead and my heart is bounding while looking at this collection. Which truly is what I call “heisse scheisse“, hot shit! Providing ya’ll with a wide array of Hellz Bellz’ highly anticipated acid-washed denim, double waisted shorts and vibrant-colored tees with messages loud enough to blow out your eardrums.

The “Heat Wave” collection is shipping to stores now!!! For more information you can visit the Hellz site. View more pictures of the collection here!

Since 2005, Hellz has provided edgy and contemporary females with graphic tees, jackets, denim and accessories. HB defies all rules of conformity and any fashion entity that claims a women’s style cannot breach strength, individuality and feminine flair simultaneously.

More pictures under the c-c-c-cut!

Get urs at Tom’s skateshop in Amsterdam!

One comment

  1. Deejay

    Lookin hotttt!!
    Love the pics 😉

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