presents : HayZee Next Level *

Y’boy Nalden presents HayZee (20), who has just released his first beat tape Next Level online as a free download. You can regocnize HayZee’s sound by his passion for 8-bit games, like Mario, Metroid and Megaman, which he has used in the beats he produced. So let the games begin, download the beat tape and press play!

HayZee also invites every singer or mc to play with vocals of his beats. It would be much appreciated if we all can hear the result too so please e-mail us your Next Level tracks containing vocals and maybe we’ll end up with a limited but Next Level Compact Disc.

Next Level Tracklist:
01. Press Start
02. Mario VS Megaman / Fanfare
03. Y3eah
04. Orbitworks / Fireworks
05. Spacedoll
06. UnderwaterWays / Grimey Cutman
07. Last Boss / Final Form
08. Ending / Reset


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