Signed, Sealed, Delivered… Fafi’s yours *

How would I love to have these hanging in my room! Fafi has released two limited edition silk screens for all you fafi lovers out there. Both only have 55 editions and are signed, numbered and datedby mademoiselle Fafi herself! Both screens cost € 250.00, kinda pricey but tres worth it if ur mad about Fafs like I am.
Get yours at Sold Out.


  1. CYNTHIA!!! Please tell me you’ve seen Maxwell’s BET performance…if not QUICK! before they take it off youtube….GOSH…IT WOULD LEAVE U SPEECHLESS AND WANTING MORE!

  2. GIRLLLL! If I’ve seen it? Hell yea I sure have!! Haven’t u seen my msn name? He killllled it, I went crazy when I saw it.. I literally started screaming, his voice is sooo sexy! I couldn’t handle it anymore.. I tried posting it, also Alicia’s performance, but it didn’t work 😦 / I LOVE MAXWELL !

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