Who’s Who & What It Do? : With Yours Truly

It took quite a while to get this 5th edition of Who’s Who & What It Do up on the blog, but it’s finally it’s here! In this WWW, the little q&a is between Jenny Musitano from Yours Truly and I. A relatively new but fresh to def, as she says, t-shirt brand from Brooklyn New York! Her tee’s are super cute, starting from the first collection “Introductory Line” to “Girls Play” and the latest “UNRULY” which is H-O-DOUBLE T hotttt! Definitely a brand for the ladies which should come to The Netherlands, so keep your eyes open. In the meantime read the interview and enjoy.

Who’s who and what it do?
Whaditdo? I’m Jenny Musitano founder, creative director, & designer of Yours Truly Brand, a relatively new women’s clothing line out of Brooklyn, NY. Yours Truly produces clothing for the confident lady who can wear her heart, lifestyle, and truth on her sleeve. With the fake ass commercial brands we need individualism that is real.

When was your baby Yours Truly born and why the name Yours Truly?
I decided I was going to start a clothing line one rainy day during NYC’s Fashion Week. I was in Bryant Park and got chills while watching the Temperley show.

Describe Yours Truly in 3 words:
Fresh to def

What makes Yours Truly stand out from the other brands out there?
Right now I would have to say just the individual concepts of each shirt. They are more real life and simple, not so exaggerated.

At what point did you consider that Yours Truly had become a success?
I haven’t yet.

Now you only make t-shirts, what else would you like to make (in the future) to expand the Yours Truly collection?:

Which celebrity would you like to see rocking Yours Truly?:
Anyone, just as long as they feel good cuz then it’ll look even better. I don’t really care much for celebs in fashion; most of them can’t even dress. There are so many different looks for any 1 piece of clothing. I like to see style rocking yours truly.

If you could make 3 wishes, what would they be?:
For a nice house on a nice Beach, for my dog to be chill, and for 3 more wishes…

If there were a Yours Truly wonderland what kind of world would that be?:
Stress-free, but full of challenges, competition, and adventure…the best foods, music, dancing, and drugging, but with no short or long term side effects. Everyone would have their ideal body and there would be no jealousy or value of money…if I ruled the world, I’d free all my sons…

Frequently on the blog I post a Throwback, cool songs from back in the day. Do you have any requests?:
Mistadobalina by Del, haven’t heard that one in a while…

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? If you would come visit us some time soon, what is the first thing you would like to do?
I’d want to experience the culture, live it, and relax.

Who’s your hero?:
TBD, Russell Simons seems like a good role model though.

What keeps you going?:
Food, music, and feel good stuff.

What can we expect from Yours Truly in the future?:
Lots of authenticated cut and sew pieces that are fresh and comfortable.

Where can we buy Yours Truly?
Go to http://www.yourstrulybrand.com for the store list. The online store should be up real soon.

Last but not least, what do you find notoriously addictive?
This lip-gloss by Fresh.

Peep the Unruly summer collection here
Peep the Girls Play collection here

Want more info about Yours Truly?
Go to www.yourstrulybrand.com

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