I met Common!

The opening.

Yesterday I took my boo to Common’s concert in the Paradiso for his birthday. And all I can say is, that was one sickkkkkkk show! Definitely one of the livest shows I’ve seen EVER! And that’s that! There are many concerts that I went to that have ended up in my top “sumthing” list of most amazing shows. Maybe they all even have a joint 1st place position… But last nights performance tops them all! Common went all out and so did the crowd. His freestyle was sick, dancing with that “Melinda” girl on stage was so funny to watch (especially when he got her name wrong!), jumping into in the crowd, everything man, everything! The performance of “Testify” was amazing, the dude can act (Peep the video below)! Anyway, after the show we headed outside and got stopped by his manager asking if I wanted to be in Common’s new video!! To make a long story short, a few minutes after we were backstage, met Common (!!!!!), headed to his hotel, waited for him cuz he had to change clothes, waited waited waited and at this point I was in a hurry cause we had a train to catch. Told his people and Common that I would love to be in the video, but if we had no place to stay we’d better be going. He said he’d hook us up with a place to crash and after could go to the N.E.R.D. show for free, where he’d give a surprise appearance. But I had decisions to make, or trust all of that or catch the train. I chose the last… Saw him shoot the video for a bit and I’m pretty sure it’ll end up dope, so we’ll have to wait and see. Anyway, bummer for me but whatever. Crazy shit like that always happens to me and my girls at Paradiso. Shout out to Deejay and Felic! Wish u guys could have been there, I know you girls would’ve gone curaaaaaahzay! =D  I feel blessed to have met Common together with Sam, who was lucky enough to get a picture with him :D, cause he’s a legend! I had a wonderful day, saw a mind blowing performance and met the man himself. The show definitely deserves an A+ and that includes the pre-show by Black Violin as well, the way those dudes played those violins was breathtaking!


  1. I’m jealous.WTF CYN! Girl r u crazy? Noo Way…You chose to catch a train over being in Common’s video!

  2. Girl trust me.. I wish it was the other way around! But it’s too late now… and I can only dream of how it could have been. Next time, there MUST be a next time!

  3. This idiot here totally forgot about the show. wow! I feel really stupid to have let that chance slip by. from the videos of his performances I know the dude brings the heat, too bad I missed this one.
    If it were me I’d appear in the video even if it meant wandering the streets of Amsterdam without a place to sleep.

  4. Justlisen

    Lucky bastard ! haha nah ur blessed!

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