Who’s Who & What It Do? : with DimePiece !

I’m so excited to post this Who’s Who & What It Do! It’s shorter than usual. But when you have two extremely busy ladies like Ashley and Laura from DimePiece, you’re glad to have a minute of their time. Working hard on their upcoming collection, I was honoured to be able to ask them a couple of questions in between. These “Essentially The Perfect Ten” ladies are very inspiring to me and have a whole troop of DimePiece supporters behind them. And with a little luck us Dutch girls can rock their fabulous clothing very soon. I present to you the sixth WWW, with the sassy, sweet, brains & beauty boss ladies Ashley and Laura from DimePiece!

Who’s who and what it do?
Hello Hello! DimePiece consists of Laura and myself (Ashley). We’re a women’s contemporary streetwear brand based out of Los Angeles, CA. We started DimePiece because:
1. We wanted to manifest our vision(s) into physical form!
2. We didn’t want to work for “The Man”
3. We wanted to create a mark in fashion and street culture with something that is original and completely our own. (Hopefully it’s gettig to that point:).

Before DimePiece, we were talking about creating DimePiece. Laura and I were both finishing up our degrees and praying our little business venture would work!

Describe DimePiece in 3 words:
Growing, Crazy, Satisfying.

How have you girls and DimePiece grown from the first collection
to the latest?
We went from not even knowing what a purchase order was to running every aspect of the business on a day-to-day basis. But I still wonder if we know what the hell we’re doing.

If there were a Dime Piece wonderland what kind of world would that be?
It would be like Michael’s Neverland, minus the weird children mysteries. And free drinks for everyone.

Have you girls ever been to Amsterdam? If not when you girls plan to come what would you definitely want to check out or do?
Never been. We want to open accounts there and do trade shows. I can speak for Laura when I say that we would without a doubt want to check out street style, high fashion, trends and PARTY!!! (Of course for networking purposes only, haha.)

What can we expect in the next Dime Piece collection?
You can expect to see more cut and sew, as we’re really working on expanding the line and getting into more complicated garments. We’ll still have our graphic tees, but this next line (I feel) is definitely a step up from our past seasons. We’re also working on accessories that involve our logo.

Last but not least, what do you find notoriously addictive?
: Gossip blogs, blogs in general, Blackberry zombies, late night King Tacos, ice cream and cupcakes all day!

Ashley: Post-it notes, white wine, crackberries, being in love, dirty dogs. (Dirty dogs: a weird street meat hot dog sold out in L.A. after 1 a.m.)

More about their Summer ’08 collection here.

Want to know more about DimePiece?
Visit their site: www.dimepiecedesigns.com
Myspace: www.myspace.com/dimepiecedesigns


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    nice interview ^^.

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