just having fun in the sun…


I’ve been enjoying the weather.. All of a sudden the sun popped up to surprise us. Even the rain showers were wonderful, of course Liena-Lie and I have been dancing and singing in the rain 😉 So that’s been about it, just wandering outside with my friends. Having drinks at our fav’ spot van Kinsbergen, for hours and hours and hours… Oh yeah, and today I saw my good ol’ friend Daniëlle again after a decade, or so it seems. She just moved into a new casa with her French summer lover, they’ve been together for quite some years now, right in the heart of the city. The place was amazing! And it was great seeing her again, it felt like it was yesterday when we chilled together for the last time. So I guess that’s a good thing.. Also my dad just came back from China and bought me a fresh new Canon camera as a graduation present. I’m hooked on that thing! My old camera has been “kaput” for a while now and I’ve been going craaaazy not being able to make pictures. So I’m definitely happy with that present, I take it everywhere with me! 😀

AND I finally made a myspace! holla at meeeee, hahaha.

bob amazed by my phone…

daniëlle the artist…

watermelon smile!

grandma’s ice cream..


  1. oh yay! u got a camera too 🙂 LOL @ the watermelon smile.

  2. FSB

    I’m craving for some ice cream =(

    Great pictures, sent you a request!

  3. Liena-lie

    had soooo much fun last days!
    let’s make a habbit of it 😉
    loving the pictures, time for a shoot!
    ooh and i can’t wait to inspect my own myspace 😛
    see you laterrrrrrrr vacation’ganger’

  4. mymy

    those chips look gooooood!

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