in the 024 area code *

Sam and Daan, “hardworkers” in the 24/7 store

Just been chillin in Nijmegen these past couple of days. Check out the pictures…


Daan, pose for the camera!

Super cute Nikita dress!


The boss

Ghosts in the park?


One comment

  1. Liena-lie

    hee chick! still alive? loving your pictures chicka. you need to take me to sam’s shop cuz i wanna see it with my own eyes cuz i’ve got a feeling i will really like it there 😛 but what have you been up to? nijmegen huh.. KEIGAAF 😉 haha ooh by the way what’s the deal with lloret are you going or waht?! if so I expect you to visit me so we can party hardy like we’re used to!! saturday is THE day then i’m off to spain! talk to you very soon shenkie! ajuuu parapluuuuu

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