be cool going back to school!

I’m counting the days. 18 days to be exact… 18 days and then school starts again. A new school, new people, and no more travelling to Arnhem back and forth everyday. Finally studying in my heart of hearts, my fav’ place in the country (maybe this world?), truly MY city, Amsterdam! Every school year I rade the stores, filling my shopping basket full of new stuff I actually don’t need. One thing that I’m very fussy about is buying an agenda, it can take ages until I decide which one is perfect for me. Most people will be like: you throw it away anyway. No, not me. I have kept every agenda I ever had til this day, no lie! I’ve went from hot pink suede agenda’s to “blank nothing special” 2euro ones. As long as I can be creative with it and make it something memorable, I’m cool. The other thing I’m also always obsessing about is my school bag. I went from eastpacks, to Dior handbags, to just bringing a pen and only that… So as every other new school year, I’ve got my eyes set on a new bag. One by Alexandra Cassaniti, the 4 pocket backpack pinkeye pattern that goes at $320 a piece. I’m really feeling the print and after downsizing my bag sizes, I think its time to go back to the big daddy’s. It’s an eye catcher (literally) and roomy for all of my new books. If you’re not feeling the size, you also have the tote for $220. Ok both too expensive for just a school bag and it’s sold out on the site anyway. So I’ll be on the look out for a look-a-like and if anyone spots one, even the original, give me a holla! Check out Mary-Kate sporting the bag below…


Also in brush print.

Mary-Kate with that pretty pinkeye AC!


  1. “I went from eastpacks, to prada handbags, to just bringing a pen and only that to that”- Love that!

    lol..u spend weeks looking for an agenda. thats funny!

    U studyin in the Dam! u lucky person. Have loads of fun

  2. oh shoot, I typed too fast. It was Dior haha!
    Thanks Jul.I.An!

  3. eshly

    No shit! Ga je ook naar A’dam? Gezellige boel 😉

  4. n.rooi

    die zijn echt leuk !!

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