lovin lollapalooza *

Kid Sister & Josh Young

One day, one day I’ll be there! Enjoying the glorius music at Lollapalooza. Better yet performing! One day… On www.style.com you can check out what the visitors and performers were wearing. Here are a few of my fav’ picks…

Everybody’s favourite bad boy, Ed Westwick. Better known as “Chuck”.

They remind me of Kimberly Stewart and Cisco Adler for some reason.

Red, peace and wine = divine

Yellow is my new favourite colour!

Cute festival outfit, simple, comfy and colourful.
But I’m loving the necklace the most!

check out more pictures at style.com

One comment

  1. eshly

    Jaaaa, Lollapalooza staat nog zeker op mijn lijstje to do….

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