Klinch: Rauw with Princess Superstar!

So here I am, sitting behind my computer just listening to some music. And then I thought hey lets listen to Princess Superstar “bad babysitter”. I used to love that song back when I was 13 and remember singing “I’m a bad babysitter, got my boyfriend in your shower, wooo! Making 6 bucks an hour” 24/7. I decided to check out her myspace and see if she’ll be in the neighbourhood soon, and yes she will! Right there on the top of her agenda said: 12 September, Melkweg, Amsterdam. Now what kind of coincidence is that? She’ll be doing her thing at Rauw and the next day in Utrecht. I think I’ll check it out.. More info below.

The MAX: Princess Superstar (New York) / live: Huoratron (Helsinki) / Disc Twins / Joost van Bellen / VJ 00KAAP
Old Room, hosted by Little Sexmachine: live: Ezra Bang & Hot Machine (London) / Hannah Holland (London) / Mr. Wix / Wannabe A Star

Pre-sale via: http://www.beatfreax.com/ticketshop and http://www.meubelstukken.nl

One comment

  1. FSB

    My God, I can’t believe it’s been that long since the song came out. Time sure flies.

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