Eatly – Shirt Actie !

By now Eatlyhas a strong group of supporters. The fans, the admirers, the loyal customers… Yes, they are getting the recognition that they well deserve. But they still have so much to offer and still have so many ideas that they want to produce. To promote their brand a bit more, they have come up with the “shirt actie“. You can chose a colour (and size) shirt you want with them: dark blue, white, black, gray, mint-green, purple or pink. On that shirt will be a large Eatly ice-cream, their logo. It will only cost you 10 euros, so come kids support them!! With this “shirt actie”, they are hoping to promote Eatly so they can successfully start on their new project and collection. Help them out a bit and you’ll get so much back in return in their upcoming collection. You know you love Eatly, show it! Oh, and did I say that it is for as well boys as girls? So hombres, treat yourself to an Eatly treat as well. After the “shirt actie” the Eatly logo shirts will not be available anymore. GO, GET IT!

For your orders go to:


  1. Chanel

    i must say, that i like the shirt a lot!!

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