Addicts – Kicks Combo Expo!

Upcoming Friday, August 22nd, Addicts will start an expo in the Basement of sneaker store Subzero on Damrak 62, in Amsterdam. This will be an expo that will be running for 4 months and will have a different theme each month. Also each month they will provide a workshop that is related to the theme of the month. More info below, mi amigo…

August – Sneaker theme workshop 30 August
September – designer toy theme workshop 27 September
October – t-shirt theme workshop 25 October
November – caps theme workshop 29 November

Time: Starting on 22nd of August at 18.00 hours
Lineup: Estaw, Fullscale, Goodgrip, Nova, Henzel Washington and Melly Mel

During Streetlab Zuidoost from 10 t/m 13 september, Station Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA. Addicts will have their biggest expo and workshop ever for more information check

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