officially an AMFI student!

Hey ya, I just had my two intro days at school! I’m super excited about everything that’s about to come. I have a very eclectic class, people from all around the world and there’s quite a differences between the ages. From 19 (I think that was the youngest) to 28! The first day was just a lot of introductions, explanations and of course getting to know your class. The typical thing, where you had to stand up and introduce yourself. To properly introduce myself I think I might of needed an hour, but I managed with a Hi, I’m Cynthia, 19 years old and I just graduated for my IB Diploma. Oh and I hope we can all enjoy! Haha, I really didn’t know what to say if it had to be so short. The good thing is, gradually we’ll get to know each other better and then surely the life stories will come along. The second introduction day was long, also a lot of explaining going on, but in the afternoon we headed to the city, “De 9 straatjes” in particular. There we had to take pictures of everything that inspired us for our upcoming project/assignment, the inspiration book. It was hard for me to settle with just one idea or theme, so I shot about 200 pictures which I have to chose 20 from. I have a couple of interesting ideas in my head, but I’m going to keep it on the hush and see how it will evolve. When I first started the blog I had a post called “City Styled Kids” where my friend Carista took pictures of people who’s style drew her attention. Yesterday I had the chance to take a few pictures myself, to finally present the second CSK. It’s only a few pictures and not all up front, because I just wanted them to act “normal“, do what they were doing and not pose. Because I also need some of the pictures for my inspiration book. I love the sound of that, my inspiration book! Anyway, other pictures you can also view are a couple of my classmates and other “bs”.

I spy my name, can you?


  1. wow Cyn…u really do have an eclectic class. Wishing u all the best.
    one love 😛

  2. eshly

    I enjoyed the pictures!

  3. nrooi

    hihi dats echt leuk 😀
    zitten ook hele leuke mensen daar …

    heele plezier 😀

  4. Chanel

    nice pictures cyn!
    goodluck with our first project; your inspiration book

  5. Kinda cool! Design or managment? Succes with that!

  6. Intl. Fashion & Branding actually! Thanks 😀

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