raging guns of mercy, the L.A. Gear is back!

Does that title even make sense? I don’t think so, but who even cares when there’s exciting news like this. Yes yes, the L.A. Gear is back and fierce as ever while making its re-entry! Let me begin with the limited edition shoe only for us chica’s. On the 13th of September from 12:00 onwards there are a 100 pairs of the “Kid Fireball” available at Patta. A new edition of the oldschool Stardust model.

And to make things even better… In honour of this release, L.A.Gear, Patta and Club Zonder Filter are throwing a party on the 12th op September! The release fiesta kicks off at 21:00 trappen in the Winston and you’re envited! You’re gonna be pretty dead beat if you’re planning on waiting in line at Patta’s after the party, but it’ll be worth it right?!

Rsvp to club@zonderfilter.nl for a spot on the guestlist.
This closes at 24:00, but of course you’ll already be inside by then!

For more info check: www.myspace.com/clubzonderfilter
More images below

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