Appelsap Fokt Met De Streetlab!

Did I post this already? I don’t remember…
Anyway, it’s all going downnn during Streetlab. Also Appelsap who are throwing a good ol’ blockjam during the Streetlab Festival. You already know where it’s at and how to get there if you checked the previous post and the Streetlab site. If not, just hop on the 54 or 50 metro, get off at Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena and you’re there!

With artists such as:
Ntjamrosie, dj SP & Lefto. As well as Lil’ Vic, Noah’s Ark (Jiggy Dje, Turk, Spacekees) and M.O. & Brakko. Host with the most MC Fit.

Appelsap Blockjam i.c.w. BamBookings
Streetlab Festival
September 13 | 14.00 – 23.00 hrs
Near Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena station
Admission free ’til 18.00 hrs

more info:


  1. Hariwa

    ich bin dabei!


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