Streetlab_ is coming to Zuidoost *

Streetlab_ is coming to Zuidoost and you better know it!!
Starting today, the 10th to the 13th of September, next to the new NS train station Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena, Streetlab presents an enormous construction of sea containers where young designers and performers, national as well as international, will manifest themselves in for example ‘Streetlab supermarket‘, during fashionshows, photo expositions, pop-up shops, workshops and music performances (wow, that was one big sentence!). Free entrance! Except for Friday and Saturday from 18:00 onwards, then it will cost you €5 ,- but what’s 5 euros? I say, be there! Plus I’ll be presenting and interviewing for Pozerscene/Meet The Streets every once in a while.. Also what you really really have to check out is Cutting Edge Tastemakers (from 18:00 to 19:00) on Friday presented by the lovely ladies of Concrete Stilettos. It’s an original mashup of a live debate with music, multimedia and poetry. With especially for Streetlab Zuidoost, ‘Streetstyle Blogs‘ as a theme. More info about what you can expect, line up, time sched’ and all that, go to / See you there! Check the promo vid below mis amigos:

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