Mr. West Returns !

The title says it all. Kanye West is coming back to The Netherlands, after a cancelled Glow In The Dark Tour last year. He’ll be blessing us with his musical presence and an extra extra extravaganza show in the Ahoy, Rotterdam on Wednesday the 26th of November. Ticket sale starts this Saturday the 20th of September. Tickets go from 30 to 44 euros. I would say, act quick and get your ticket asap! Cause wasn’t it sold out last year as well?

One comment

  1. Liena-lie

    perfect date! 😛 I will be the first one to buy a ticket! and i will be the one who gets the chance to touch him and talk to him!! (well that’s what i heard a certain miss addictive say) haha I definitly hope so!! we are gonna give it all to get it our way! it’s the one thing you just CAN’T miss this year! well for me it’s THE biggest thing this year (it put’s my b’day on second place so that says something) haha
    i’ll see you there peeps!!
    love and kisses

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