Dangerously Beautiful!

Doesn’t that name just make you say ouch?! Dangerously Beautiful is a new female clothing brand, based out of Miami, presenting their first season! You can expect to see graphic tees, hoodies and fitted caps. But what is Dangerously Beautiful exactly, you ask?

A freethinking woman scares the status quo.

She is dangerous because she is intelligent and bold; equally creative and alluring. Taking inspiration from the many styles and flavors of women found worldwide, Dangerously Beautiful is representative of the independent and intuitive essence of women who KNOW how to play the game.

A Dangerously Beautiful woman is beautiful to a dangerous extent, yet enticing nonetheless. In a world where media bombards women with impossible Barbie-like-ideals and magazine covers covet women who define themselves by men, the Dangerously Beautiful ethic aims to infuse independence, esteem, and style. The Dangerously Beautiful woman can be found all over the globe, but these universals remain: She is self-defined, her fashion game is vicious; her attitude is malicious but delicious.

Also check out the DB Fall photo shoot, their website, and online shop.

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