one four one : 1994.

Ain’t nothing like hip-hop from back in the day, you must agree! If a party can take me back to 1994, when I was still jammin to the good ol tunes while dippin in my pool in Karachi or something, then it sure has done its job well. Even better, then it can be ’94 everyday! One Four One must’ve thought the same thing, therefore they present to you and yours: 1994 Pure oldschool tracks from ’94. All this goodness goes down on Friday the 3rd of October in Canvas. 1994, the year Nelson Mandela became the first black president of South-Africa, O.J. Simpson was followed live by the cops, and Kurt Cobain was found lifeless in his home. All in all, I say do it the nineties way! Speaking about other tee’s, ladies expect a MadeMe t-shirt give-away very very soon!!! So keep an eye out for that. Fellas you too if you want to win a little prize for your lady friend 😉

Canvas / On the 7th floor of the old Volkskrant building / Wibautstraat 150.
Start – 22:00
Price – 5euro / presale at

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