this one’s for Eshly…

This post is dedicated to Eshly, so she can see what I’m upto at school 😉 Here it goes… So ladies and gents, what can I say? I’m maddddddd busy at school! Like ridiculously busy with my inspiration book. My camera was always attached to me, but now were like Siamese twins. Everything I think about is linked to the question: Do I find this inspiring? My mind has no rest… All the inspirations of the world are coming down on me! Haha, now I’m just talking plain nonsense. But I still have a lot to do and I basically only have a week left to make it all happen. So any tips about what you find inspirational, pictures, magazine suggestions, photographer suggestions, ANY suggestions are more than welcome. Holla at ya girl at, it’ll be highly appreciated! I will also be emailing a few friends and other people with a couple of questions about what they find inspiring, think of a mini interview. So if you see my name poppin in your inbox, don’t ignore me!! Peep the pictures of today’s drawing class and be prepared for a little x-rated haha. Peace!

Homework for next week…


  1. esh

    aaah chickie, wat lief, ha ha!
    ik ga morgen wat plaatjes scannen uit een indomagazine what i find inspiring….
    have a nice day!

  2. Deejay


    is very inspiring !

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