Who’s Who & What It Do: with MadeMe !

What is uppppppp?! The eighth Who’s Who & What It Do is here, you better believe it! I’m so excited to present it to you. This time around its with the ever so fierce and effortlessly cool Erin Magee, the creator of MadeMe, and Madonna fanatic. A little q&a about herself, inspirations, and her hot brand. I love her for this interview, because she seems so honest. You are right Erin?!! 😉 Her Fall 08 collection is insane, as well as the photoshoot around it! Expect the collection in Patta soon, so be on the look out for that one. I also have a little treat for you my lovely readers, but more about that later… So without further a due, here’s the WWW with MadeMe’s leading lady. I asked the questions, the ‘Madame‘ did the talking…

Who’s who and what it do?
My name is Erin Magee aka Madame MadeMe. I founded a women’s clothing line called MadeMe in the spring of 2007. I currently own and operate MadeMe, while holding it down at SUPREME everyday of the week.

When was your baby MadeMe born and why the name MadeMe?
I officially started the company in March of 2007. There are three meanings. Firstly, I wanted to show everyone what MadeMe who I am. Secondly. I am never going to make anything that I don’t 100% love, everything in this line is made for me. Thirdly, it’s a cute play on the word ‘Madame’…get it ‘MadeMe’?!?! I am so clever.. J’TAIME MADEME.

What was the hardest thing for you when you started MadeMe as a new clothing line, did you have any previous experience?
I had a lot of previous experience. I spent a couple years working for Umbro and the Kim Jones collection. Then ran the production department at SUPREME for almost 4 years. However, nothing can REALLY prepare you for owning and operating a successful business. I don’t care how much experience someone has; this shit is hard. I have so much respect for people who make it work. Trust me, successful and profitable clothing companies are really hard to come by.

When you’re designing new pieces, how do you visualise what you want the end product to look like?
The design process is a really easy one for me. It also happens to be the part of the business I spend the LEAST amount of time on. This is because I spend months living my life and just cataloguing everything I see. So, when it comes time to create, I already have a very clear idea of what I want.

Which inspirations did u use in your clothing?
I am inspired by EVERYTHING and ANYTHING in my life. That has a lot to do with why I called the brand MADEME. It’s everything that’s MadeMe what I am. That’s me….Madame MadeMe.

Which MadeMe item are you the most proud of?
My leather jackets are the truth. You can’t buy a better bomber or motorcycle jkt in the market today. I promise.

Who (brand/person etc.) would you like to hook up with for a MadeMe collabo?
I am currently in the works with one of my favourite brands of all time. Look out for FALL 2009. Its going to be super cool because it’s such a throwback.

What would you like to design for MadeMe that you haven’t created yet?
A corset. A-la Jean Paul Gaultier. I don’t know how to do it properly yet, but when I perfect it. Watch out. It’s going to come with a cone bra and everything!

How have you and MadeMe grown from the first collection to the latest?
It’s grown a lot. I am super embarrassed to look at my first photoshoot! Eeeek. My sales have quadrupled since the first season and my knowledge of the business has grown ten-fold.

Describe MadeMe in 3 words:
Big BALLIN’ BABY. (ahaha)

If you could make 3 wishes, what would they be?
1) My mom’s health would get better. 2) MadeMe becomes bigger and better than Ralph Lauren (pheeww I have a lot of work to do). 3) Madonna is one day my baby-mama.

If there were a MadeMe wonderland what kind of world would that be?
It would be a scene from the movie Truth or Dare. Lots of queens dancing around in cone bras, Doc Martins, and spandex. That’s my heaven!

Who’s your hero?
Madonna. Duh!

What else do you love to do besides designing clothes? Is there anything else you would love to pursue?
I really want to concentrate on getting MadeMe off the ground. I want to be a full-time CEO. Until then, MadeMe is my only focus.

Name 3 of your favourite places to go to in your city…
1) Home with my boo! 2) Out to watch my boo DJ! 3) Out for a romantic date with my boo! …ahahah I sound like such a corn. But it’s true.

Frequently on the blog I post a Daily Throwback, cool songs from back in the day. Do you have any requests?
Oh ya, I love when you do that. Can you please post-up Vogue. That video changed my life.

What kind of music have you been listening to lately? Is there an artist we should be on the look out for?
New Nina Sky dropping in November. I love those girls and their shit is on point this time. They have worked really hard for this so take a listen.

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? If you would come visit us some time soon, what is the first thing you would like to do?
NO! I’ve never been! The first place I would go is to see my friends over at Patta. My boys Walid, Gary who handle MadeMe distribution in Europe. I love those guys and REALLY respect what they do. After that, I guess I’d head over to the Red Light district. I think that’s what everyone says about Amsterdam? How predictable of me.

What’s in store for next season?
I am really excited about MadeMe Spring 2009! Everything is coming together amazingly! It’s really sportswear inspired. Get on that BIKE girl. Trust me, when you see it you are going to be pleasantly surprised! I would also like to mention the t-shirt collaboration I am doing for Holiday 2008 with Natalie from Nina Sky. She writes graffiti (I don’t think anyone knows that really). But she does, and she does it well. So we are dropping a Tee for MadeMe holiday collection. Look out for it – its dope. And Natalie aint’s so bad herself.

Last but not least, what do you find notoriously addictive?:
Uhhh, I think if I answer that honestly I am going to sound like a humungous pervert. So, ill skip that one…

Thanks for your time Erin!


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