Drop#6 – Amsterdam Dance Event

During the Amsterdam Dance Event, on the 25th of October, Drop will host the Dutch premier of “BeatDrop“. BeatDrop is an interactive release-party where you, the public, will decide which tracks will come on the release and how they will sound. So it’s all in your hands! Check out the site for more info, because I’m too lazy right now to give you every detail. Below you can see the line-up though and see where you can get your tickets.


Comfort Fit (DE)
Port Format (DE)
Hayzee (NL)
FS Green (NL
40 Winks (BE)
Joe Kickass (NL)
Killing Skills (NL)
Dyno (BE)
B.O.U.K.E (NL)

Art Expo:
Wayne Horse
Two Things

& dj of the night dj Phaze

From: 21:00 – 02.00
Location: Overtoom 141, Amsterdam
Tickets: 5 euro + Free exclusive double CD
Presale via Easyticket.nl

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