The Dutch are a vibrant, fun lot. Don’t you think?! When I think of Amsterdam, and most peeps my age, I think of living life without any limitations, being bold, fearless, happy and enjoying every moment to the fullest. The essence of being young and taking advantage of it. And in my opinion, GirlsLoveDJs is the embodiment of that.

GirlsLoveDJs is a young, Dutch organization of friends who’ve decided to combine their talents into one company. They drop crazy parties, special products, they’ve got a rocking clothing line and they are going to release a compilation-CD with some goddamn fine tracks! Amidst of all this, they still find the time to enjoy life, drink vodka, eat chocolate, make music, go fishing, visit fashion shows, etc. It all comes down to a supreme mix of everything they like. No rules or regulations, as long as it’s creative, independent and cool, it’s GirlsLoveDJs!
Join the cult…

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