mna’s back, tell a friend!

Hey hey heyyy! Here I am again, back to serve you the 411 on all the goods. I have the sweetest readers and friends, for real! Thank youfor the emails, phone calls, text messages, cards, comments and visits. I truly appreciate it, I REALLY REALLY DO! Big mwuaaah to all of you. In the meantime I’m trying to catch up on everything I’ve missed, so I’m still taking it slow cause it’s sh*t loads! And on top of everything I got sick, but that ain’t stopping me from going to Rock The Bells tomorrow. I’m excited to see everyone perform, so bring it on! *sneeze sneeze*

+ I haven’t posted this yet, but the MadeMe giveaway winner is Jaleesa P. from Spijkenisse! Congratulations girl, expect a colorful package at your doorstep soon.

One comment

  1. Liena-lie AKA Miss Praline

    nice to have you back honey! 😀
    have fun tomorrow!! but that will not be a problem I think 😉
    love and kisses
    miss Praline

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