Yes, we did! We made it. We made it to see the day that changes history forever and made the unthinkable possible. It makes me so proud to say that Barack Obama will be the next US president, starting January 20th 2009. Americans have cast their votes and fought for change, not only for them, but for this world. I stayed up all night just to see the moment that he won and I’ll never ever forget it. So, where were you when you heard? Don’t forget, because on that momentous moment our future will not be the same and so many possibilities have opened up for all of us. No more will there be, “this is how an American president should look like”, no longer will there be a restriction to dreams all over the world. America has spoken and change starts now. And I can’t wait to see how our world will evolve and hopefully become greater. Cause we will, it is all possible starting now!

Barack Obama’s Victory Speech below…

part 2.


  1. myriam

    i think it’s dangerous to have expectation…
    i’m happy he won, but evrything is yet to be done.

  2. Deejay

    ” America is a place where all things are possible ”

    No longer a dream.. This is the beginning of something oh so Beautful ! Still can’t believe that this is really happening.. IM SOOOOO HAPPY & PROUD !

    YES WE CAN !!!

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