BALLROOM 3000, part 2. | win guestlist!


After a very successful first editionof Ballroom 3000, with DJ’s & Live-Acts such as: LeLe, the Fringe, Beesmunt Soundsystem and The Walk&Roger72. It is high time for part deux, upcoming Saturday the 15th of November in the WATT, Rotterdam.

And the best thing is, you can win guestlist places for you and a friend! Thanks to Jeff from the Freshest Kidz, I can give away 2×2 spots. So email me at and keep your fingers crossed!

You can expect a night filled with a wide variety of genres, all blended perfectly into a avant-garde & highly danceable mix. There will be the rawest electro & house, the Rock&Roll classics, the latest hiphop bangers, the newest disco, the filthiest Baltimore & booty, the freshest Indie rock&pop & all the new good music out there you can’t even imagine.

Line up:
DrunkenLion Soundsystem (King Kong)
The Freshest Kidz (Ballroom 3000)
Wanna be a Star (Little Sexmachine)
Marco & Orpheo (Cosmic Disco)
Oslo Hilton (STRFCKR)
Jim Aasgier (Habbekrats)
Homey Universalis
Pierre l’homme

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