Catta Donkersloot


Just got a nice tip from Naftaly (Eatly) about Catta Donkersloot, thanks girl! A designer based in Amsterdam. On her site,, you can find more info about her, which was very interestingto read. Cause if I calculated it correctly, she already was an assistant designer, buyer and sales rep for Illuminationzz at the age of 16, which it quite an accomplishment! And she accomplished much much more, so check that out.

Catta recently opened her shop in Amsterdam, and there you can also take a workshop on how to make clothes, for just 100euros. More info below…

On Monday and Tuesday evening you can learn how to make clothing with Catta at her store at the Nieuwmarkt in Amsterdam.
The package consists of 4 lessons of 3 hours for 100,-
Experience not needed.
Machines and pattern paper are available, but bring your own fabrics.
For more info:

Geldersekade 65 sous, Amsterdam.

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