Eatly: Drop! collection, spring/summer 09.


We’ve waited long, well at least it felt that way, but it’s finally done! The newest Eatly collection: Drop! spring/summer 2009. Naftaly and Isabella (the designers) have taken a turn from the sweet candycoated image that Eatly has, and have stepped over to the dark side. In candy that is.. Drop (liquorish in English), with a mix of black and white. The collection consists of six pieces and as a surprise there will be exclusive bags, such as a backpack and handbag (you can expect a bigger price tag on those!). Also, all the shirts are printed and no longer handmade (painted) such as before. In fact, the last time they did that is with the shirt action. Check for more info and images of the collection. Below you can peep a few. Here’s the new and improved Eatly!





Photography by Nancy Schoenmakers.

One comment

  1. FSB

    I like this collection, love eatly!

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