Cubannie Links × Notoriously Addictive Holiday Giveaway!


Cubannie Links and Notoriously Addictive will hook you up this holiday season girls! This is a one of a kind giveaway, featuring the brand new Freedom tri-rings in an exclusive color combo, gold & black, which you can ONLY win here on for FREE! Yes, you read that right.

To Enter:
Annie and I would love to know how well you really know CL and NA. Answer the 3 questions below and if you’re the lucky winner you’ll have these one of a kind earrings under your Christmas tree this holiday.
1.What was Annie’s answer to: If there were a Cubannie Links wonderland, what kind of world would that be? (just enter first and last sentence)
2. When Ms. Notoriously Addictive hit the 1000 viewers, how did she celebrate?
3.To which award show did Alicia Keys wear all Cubannie Links?

All answers can be found on my blog and on the Cubannie Links blog. All it takes is 5 minute researching, but it’s def’ worth it! Don’t forget to include your name, address and country. And it would be nice if you included what you think of Cubannie Links and Notoriously Addictive.

email answers to: or enter in comment box (if in comment box, only enter email address. I will contact you about your address if you are the lucky winner). I will cover shipping costs for both national as well as international entries. Winner will be announced December 20th.

Freedom Tri-rings:
Exclusive tri-color triangle leather earrings, 80’s inspired, 100% leather. Color combo: Gold & Black. Retail: $70. Measurements: 4″L x 3″ W. Handmade in Brooklyn, NY! 

Good luck and spread the word about Cubannie Links and Notoriously Addictive!


  1. Deejay

    Cubannie makes the dopest jewelz on the mawfakkin planet! And I sure do want those Freedom tri-rings! Love it love it love it! x Dee

  2. whoaaaaaaaaa
    well done cynnie!

  3. G87

    1. Edible 14k gold covered chocolate strawberries, yummy! / Everyone drove a vintage mustang and there was no pollution and vagabons!
    2. at hip-hop essentials
    3. the 2007 American Music Awards

    Cubannie Links makes super sexy jewelry!! They’re colorful, bold and beautiful. And Notoriously Addictive is ADDICTING! I check it everyday, it’s great.

  4. Staze

    Gimme gimme gimme!!! I’m emailing right now 😀

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