Hellz Bellz presents Holiday 2008 “Born Bad” collection.
Inspired by the infamous Vaudeville actress, and sexual liberator, Mae West, the Holiday collection represents for the “Born Bad” femme fatale. With West’s racy quotes which sprang, tough-dame style from the side of her mouth, she’s been firmly stamped as the personification of Hellz through her story of survival, persistence, independence and unshakable self-esteem. In her life which ended in 1980, at the age of 87, she became both an icon and pioneer for both men and women everywhere.

The collection comes full force with the Hellz Bellz “Born Bad” style showcasing key items such as the No Frontin’ stadium jacket, Night Stalker doleman top, Grotesk skinny jeans and much more… in all it’s madness, it’s very Hellz!! Check out the look book here.

The Holiday 2008 “Born Bad” Collection is available in stores now!!! You can visit Hellz’ shop list for their online stores and/or to find a store near you, here.





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