Cut and Paste Digital Design Tournament Sponsored by 55DSL


Calling all graphic designers, 55DSL has got something for you!!

55DSL is a proud global sponsor of Cut&Paste’s 2009 Digital Design Tournament. Cut&Paste, an innovative design company, is looking for talented designers to represent their city in two fast-paced, single-elimination rounds in 3D and one round for Motion, each with a unique design theme and set time limit. The annual global tournament is set to zip across 16 cities this year, from February through June 2009, and this year for the first time ever, all of the winners (that’s all 48 of them) will be thrown together for the first-ever GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP. You win your city, and we’ll fly you to New York to go up against the world!

Cut&Paste is challenging designers from various backgrounds and nations across the map to dig deep and design their way into the spotlight. The annual Call for Competitors is now open, with two deadlines: January 14 for cities in North America, and February 6 for the Europe and Asia/Pacific regions.

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