Worship Worthy Holiday 08


It’s here! Worship Worthy’s follow up on its controversial debut with an assortment of festive bodysuits, leggings, and 2-headed dolls for Holiday 2008. The collection introduces custom geometric and floral prints as well as sleek and sexy stretch sequins pieces intended to be mixed-and-matched with the ever popular graphic t-shirts. WW collaborates with Devout Dolls to create limited edition creations commissioned exclusively for Worship Worthy. I’m in love with the pieces, but some have an not loveable pricetag attached to them.

The buzzed about small-run collection employs bold graphics with a streetwise fashion sensibility to visually unite religious elements, homages to Vivienne Westwood and Yves Saint Laurent, and the fuss-free style of today’s urban woman. Designer Jennifer Wannarachue designed the dark, sexy collection with the intent to be mixed and layered, with every piece matching and easy to wear: “Our tees are sophisticated and sexy, can be dressed up or down, and are perfect for layering with any leggings or bodysuit “. Discharge and water-based print applications are utilized with the intent of preserving a soft feel to the collections graphics.

Holiday 2009 also marks WW’s collaboration with doll maker, Sara Lanzillotta of Devout Dolls who handcrafts and paints each doll herself. “The 2-headed dolls are for non-girly girls”, Wannarachue explains, “they’re sweet and twisted and fit in perfectly with the Worship Worthy world.” The set of two double-headed dolls and a masked dominatrix are made to order, available in limited quantities.

The Worship Worthy Holiday ’08 collection is available at Acrimony (SF), CLVII (Paris) and online at wwtnyc.com.

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