Bonjourrrrr from Côte d’Ivoire!

Yooooooooo! Just a quick message from the oh so sunny Ivory Coast. I arrived yesterday and how! A whole posse of people (fam/friends/strangers) came to welcome us at the airport, singing, screaming, clapping, dancing and a whole lot of lifting my mother and me up. It was hilarious and sure made me feel right at home! I don’t even know where to start. .  I already have plenty of pictures, but of course I forgot my camera cable to upload the images.  So I’ll put em up when I’m back home. I also forgot my bikini, which I’m super bummed about cause the pool here at the hotel is huuuge! Today I just chilled by the pool side and around town. The city, Abidjan, is crowded as hell, but beautiful to see. Tomorrow I’m going to a village 8 hours away from the city, to meet the rest of my family and what I’m most excited about, my grandmother. After 15 years I’m actually getting to all of them. I can’t wait!! I’m going to spend new years there and my birthday, so it’s going to be one big party, starting tomorrow. My uncle organised a new years party, and invited three villages, so hundreds of people are coming. There’s going to be traditional dance and music performances and a whole lotta food. So I’ll have to prepare myself to celebrate two days straight and probably gain a lot of weight! Anyways, more stories when I’m back.. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to update in the meantime. / Here a few shoutouts: Bigggggggg shoutout and kisses to my boo, who’s in New York now with his friends! I miss you 😦 !! – 14p, to my bestie Deejay, I miss you too suga! – Hugs for my girls Chanel, Liena-Lie and Hariwa – Big smooch to my girl Ms. Annie Basulto! –  And of course shoutout to all the readers!! – and everyone else, I MISS YOU ALL!! / Be safe and a pre-HAPPY NEW YEAR! MWUAAAAAAAAAAH, X


  1. Seems like a great experience! Family is always a good thing..

    Anyway can you bring me a Bab Lee cd? Happy NYE!

  2. Chanel

    Lovely to hear that you are enjoying your time in Ivory Coast! Take care, and i want to hear everything when your back again! All my love

  3. Cynniee!!

    I’m going to whoop your ass if you dont bring some sun with you when you come back!

    im so glad you arrived safely and had such a warm welcome.
    enjoy it to the fullest!


  4. Hey Cyn!…..gosh, I’m so jealous rite now. Seems like you gonna have soo much fun. Anywayz, have a happy happy new year’s and Happy B-Day in advance too.

    Jah Bless!!

  5. Liena-lie AKA Miss Praline

    that’s a welcome you truly deserve!!
    enjoy every single second of everything around you(but you probably will as i know you 😉 )
    I hope you had a great time last night can’t wait for the HOT stories en pictures!!
    love and kisses liena-lie

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