happy new year, 20y old and still loving the sun!

Heeeeeey y’all! First and foremost HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone and all my blessing for ’09.  Hope you all had a great celebration. Man do I have stories to tell!! But I’ll leave that for when I’m back home. So hey it snowed in Holland? It’s only raining sunshine over here! 😉 I got back in the big city, Abidjan, this afternoon and now I’m resting a bit in my hotel room watching cnn, us airways plane lands in hudson river due to birds?! In the village I really didn’t have much time to watch tv or all that. But on my way back to the city this afternoon I was thinking what have I missed? I was certain that I’d come back to some tragedy or such, I turn on the tv and there you go. But it’s amazing everyone survived! / On another note: I’m never gonna be a teenager again!! Yes, I’m 20 now and BIG THANKS to everyone who text messaged me and called, i so anle (i love you in gouro, village dialect :p)! / I’ll be back freezing my ass off in The Netherlands on Sunday. So see you then! Right now I’m going to sit by the pool and have me some cocktails!


  1. hey look its Ms.NA back on the bloggg..LOL..I know what that feels like..been cut from the internet world….it’s like u’ve been in a coma or sumthing…what did I miss? what did I miss? …not so much has happened though….ugh..xcept the wackass videos of Tierra Mari & Christina Milian. Enjoy ur last days in the motherland!!
    one love

  2. Liena-lie AKA Miss Praline

    can’t wait to have you back on sunday!! 😀
    we’re all missin’ you!!!
    enjoy the cocktails haha
    love and kisses!!

  3. Chanel

    Finally you are coming home today!!:d
    can’t wait to hear all the beauifull storiess!
    love&kisses me!

  4. Hey Laura why u gotta hate on Milian, what has she ever done to you!

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