Honey, I’m Hoooome!


Yes indeedy, I’m back again! I arrived on Sunday, but it really took me until today to adjust to my daily routine. Monday it was straight back to school for me, so I haven’t really had any rest. But the hardest thing to cope with was the weather, I’m freezing!! And I’ve heard that this is nothing compared to how it was just a few weeks ago. All in all, anything below 20 degrees is not for me. I’m definitely a sunny kinda girl. I’ve so many stories to tell, but I don’t know where to start. I guess I’ll post a couple of pictures for u guys to see. I still have tons to upload, so expect a part 2. But what I can say is that it was an AMAZING holiday, meeting my family, enjoying the great weather, food and beaches. It’s been a great experience getting to know “my other home” and I definitely want to go back asap, probably this summer. It’s a beautiful country and the people are so friendly, warm and loving. but you can see that they’re still recovering from troubles that they’ve had in the past. Also, I’ve turned sooo much darker and still they call me white girl over there hahaha! I miss it, but also I’m glad to be back home with my friends and fam here. But I wish I was typing this on Basaam Beach, like I was less than a week ago!!







All images above are of the hotel.




More pictures soon…


  1. Liena-lie AKA Miss Praline

    sooooooooo beautiful!! 😀

  2. Deejay

    hahahaha, that’s EXACTLY what I wanted to say Liena-Lie 😀

    B-E-autiful !!

  3. Deejay



  4. aawww…beautiful pics cyn

  5. Chanel

    Glad to have you back again hon!!

  6. I see you been gettin your ethnic on…nice pics

  7. love it!

    Waiting for part 2. 🙂


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