55DSL’s NEW Spring/Summer 09 Collection – THE FIFTH DIMENSION


Check out 55DSL’s brand spankin’ new Spring Summer 09 Collection: THE FIFTH DIMENSION. As 55DSL says, created to make you look a couple hundred millennia ahead of your time. I don’t think it’s quite there yet, but the collection definitely has some hot pieces for the guys and girls this upcoming spring/summer.

The collection is mixed with sport, street, military and vintage styling sprinkled with soft saturated hue.  The range is as immediate as gradual, as practical as surreal with freshly washed-out duds, for that sun-splattered and salt-kissed vintage look and deep-sea dyed jackets and knits.  As for the ladies there’s color-me-senseless camouflage prints, matched with new effect sweats and tees, yarn dyed with melange and fluo colours for that coveted soft and faded feel outside.  Also, the 10.55 T-shirt program continues on this season and will feature 8 different tees designed by 8 new artists that will be sold in limited quantities at 55DSL stores.  In addition to that, 55DSL has teamed up with NEW ERA again to create 3 hot new caps!

View all the images of the collection on their online catalogue.
A couple under the cut…





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