DimePiece Preview: Specialty Garments for Spring ’09.


DimePieceis stepping it uppp! The preview of their upcoming spring ’09 collection is definitely worth an “oooh” for excitement, and “ahhh” for thank God they’re delivering fabulous pieces as they always do. But this sneak peek definitely shows that they’re about to take it to the next level for the ladies.

All of their tees, tanks, leggings, sweatshirts, etc. are all original pieces they do with their own cuts, but for Spring 09 (and seasons to come) DimePiece will be releasing DMPC “specialty” pieces. They’re higher end garments and in limited runs. As they say…

stuff you’d wear to things like sushi dinners, Friday night club escapades, to have on hand when your boyfriend says “I have a surprise, look hot tonight”, or just when you want to get a rise out of your girlfriends and be the “O-M-G, where did you get that?” chick…that type of thing.

The complete DimePiece Spring 09 line will be in retailers and online on Monday, March 16th. Stay posted at www.dimepiecedesigns.com.

With that said, peep the images below..
Can’t wait to see the rest of the collection!

The Zig Zag mini skirt. This thing fits like a glove. Black and Charcoal twill with front Zipper.

The Napoleon vest with tailcoats and metal stud buttons.


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