Streetlab at Pioneers!


Sunday 5th of April
Who are the innovativethinkers and initiators of today? The   of tomorrow? The 400 years of shared history between Amsterdam and New York will be celebrated Sunday, April 5th, during Pioneers! in Felix Meritis, Amsterdam. The program of the day consists of talkshows, performances and workshops where the upcoming talents from New York and Amsterdam will present their visions to you.

Streetlab present from 14:00 until 18:00 :
Talkshows hosted by Farid Benmbarek with guests such as: Zwart Licht, M.O. & Brakko and Blocnotes. Stylist Sonny Groo and Jean Paul Paula, bloggers Damstyle and teacher at the AMFI Janneke Gaanderse (my teacher!). Also exposition from Damstyle and Sonny Groo. Music by: Dj Snelle Jelle, M.O. & Brakko, Blocnotes and Zwart Licht.

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