Gimme a Break!

The Foreign Exchange feat. Darien Brockington: 
Take Off The Blues

Finally! A little break from school and all things uncool, such as projects projects projects! But technically I don’t really have a break, cause they’re many projects/concepts/etc. due for after the holidays, that I meanwhile have to brainstorm about.. But for now I ain’t stressin’. So this is what, spring break? Well here in Holland we don’t go to Cancun or whatever:p But we do have some festivities of our own, such as the queens bday on the 30th which we call Koninginnedag and we all celebrate it like a bunch of crazy people. Amsterdam is always packed and u can barely walk, people complain but I seem to amuse myself anyway. You see the funniest things that way, I guess I just always make the best of any situation. There are plenty of things to do at day and parties to attend at night. I’ll probably post something up one of these days. But for now it’s time for me to just let go of all the school stress and enjoy this mini va-ca. And you should do the same if ur off too! Therefore I posted the new Foreign Exchange vid to set the tone…

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