Nike x Nylon Dunk Hi & Fashion Spread


This has been all up in my face for a while now. Most of you must have heard about it as well.. The upcoming release of the Nike Sportswear x Nylon Magazine Dunk Hi’s. Vivid colours and a whole lotta hotness. These ice-cream coloured Dunks are just right – simple & cute. If they had much more going on, I don’t know if I’d like em. The colour’s enough. They come with Nylon uppers and also feature the Nylon logo as a print. Above Dee and Ricky Jackson featured in Nylon Magazine’s May issue, amongst others, for the Nike Sportswear x Nylon sneaker. Below a few detailed images of the Dunk Hi, the photoshoot and a behind the scenes vid.







  1. Liena-lie AKA Miss Praline

    I’ll take the blue the pink.. or the green ones.. or maybe the yellow.. DAMN I WANT THEM ALL!!

  2. mike

    where do you get them from!!?!?!

  3. Cassie

    These Shoes are AWESOME!!!, where do u get them and how much do they cost???? My fav. is the blue!!!!!!! lol do they glow in black light, cause that would be SUPER AWESOME!!!:}

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