your face will be the reason i smile.

Lord have mercy on me! Your highness of all kinds of sexiness, Maxwell, is back and heavens I’m thrilled. Finally the video for Pretty Wings is here and it’s a beauty. I’m also glad to hear the full track for the first time since the snippet. I think it’s wonderful, but then again how can a Maxwell track go wrong? He always delivers. Now all he has to do is get his fine derriere back to the NL.


  1. oooh goshh….I swear..I almost started screaming out when I saw the video was out…ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGGG!!!!!….I’m soo glad Maxwell’s back….Return of real R&B soul. OOh and it reminds me of Eric Benet’s Chocolate Legs…..newayz Maxwell & Eric Benet r the shiiit

  2. Only downloaded the song a few days ago and it’s already the most played song on my iTunes…. obsessed I am.

    no trace, no residual feelings….

    Can’t wait for the album

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