Mr. President, I don’t need to see your nipples!

LMAO! Wanda Sykes at the White House Correspondents Dinner day before yesterday. Oh my goodness, this woman knows no boundaries and I love her for that. I was feeling kinda bored, but this definitely made my evening. Killer jokes one after the other. Every now and then some in the audience reacts sour, but hey a couple of those subjects are kinda sensitive. So I guess it was kinda uncomfortable at times. Especially when some of the people she talks about are in the audience and you see those facial expressions, ouch! But she doesn’t care and nor do I, this is straight up funny and I don’t care if you think it’s not! :p

Part 2 under the cut…


  1. isabella

    “some of them need a poncho!”

    wuahahahahhahaha zij heeft echt schijt
    ze zegt gewoon alles >.<

    too funny !

  2. hahaha dies schandalig he!
    ik lag serieus op de grond te rollen toen ze dat zei, ballin my eyes out =’D

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