c and d go tropical / + Jsquared.

darcey doodle doo
Darcey says: “you gotta stick the tongue out to focus and get the job done.”
Tropen Museum, Amsterdam

You could kinda say that Dars is my college galpal muse. You see more photo’s of her than myself on the blog. Girl, you’re stealing my shine!! Haha, just kiddin. The girl is just fun to photograph, very willing model she is šŸ˜‰ And btw, its not that the pic is bad quality. I just have a thing for blurry sepia photos šŸ˜› Ok, now I’ll stop fooling around! So this afternoon we visited Tropen Musuem for some school work… The whole building was quiet, but of course you hear our loud laughter echo through the halls. Good times.

On a side note:
Tokyo based producer Jsquared contacted me about his beats, and I had to post ’cause I’m definitely feeling a few such as Swimprov, Down We Go and Doesn’t Matter. So take a listen!

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